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Technical advice  |  Positioning
As much the technology, the materials, like the procedures for the positioning of floor tiles or marble plates, has carried out great advances, with evident improvements in the final result and the later maintenance of these had.
The “traditional system” of positioning in pavements is realised by means of cement a heavy mortar layer in the base or surface to try, but mainly in facades passage has occurred to other alternative methods of fixation.
In the case of the pavements system of fine layer by means of the use of adhesives of polymeric character is used, and in appeased and the steps it resorts to the precise or linear fixation by means of anchored metallic elements.
The base or pavement where it is going away to place the floor tiles will have to be totally fixed and compacts. Also, the base will have to be clean of any rest of dirt for its good fixation and without variation of more than 0,0787 in.
In our technical department they will be able to as much advice to an adhesive of quality apt for the fixation of the marble in any surface for interiors or exteriors, pavements or coatings to him.
The application of the adhesive is realised with an indented trowel to assure the homogeneity the layer. The positioning of the floor tiles will have to be realised by far well-taken care of to avoid its breakage and to leave an expansion meeting enters floor tile and tiles of at least 0,1969 in.
Passed 24 or 48 hours it will be come to the together seal from it with a rubber trowel lasts and a jointing material.
Finally, when the seal begins to dry, we will clean the surface of rest of cement, material of seal, etc. with a smooth sponge to avoid to rallar the ground.
In high porosity finished pavements, like the gross finished, bush-hammered and aged, later to its positioning, they can be set with grey cement or of some colour to cover pores and to secure a better conservation of this one.

The surface polished in marbles and travertine can be realised in situ or place the directly polished stone of factory. Both forms are equally advisable although the quality of the polished one of factory obtains a crystallization superior.
In the polished finished, they can appear pores after the installation, which fill up with cement for meeting and soon it is come to its cleaning.
The cleaning of rest of dirt, cement and plaster must be realised with neutral soap several times until its total cleaning. Aggressive products do not have to be used.
The daily cleaning of the surface of the marble is advisable to realise it with mopa and a specific product that will be able to recommend to him in our technical department, and to use with not much frequency water and neutral soap.
Marbles and travertine present physical mechanical characteristics that stay intact in the time, which allows avoiding frequent interventions of maintenance and restoration.

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