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travertino amarillo
Yellow Travertine
Tufacious or travertine sedimentary rock with numerous plant casts created as the rock formed by calcium carbonate settling on layers of vegetation. The stone has a variety of crystal sizes, and is made up of 98% calcite and 2% oxides.
   Water absortion
   Flexural strength
   Impact strength
   Abrassion resistance
   Frost resistance
   Appaparent density
   Compression strength
1.7 %
12.4 MPa
12 in*
0.8 in*
152.33 lb/ft3 *
65 MPa
* approximate conversion of measures
ISO 9001 sello CE
This product available of seals of quality ISO 9001 and Certificate EC, that fulfilling all standards: EN1341, EN1469 and EN12058.
  Samples are submitted only to give a general idea of the materials. Being natural products they are subject to variation of colour and vein, even among slabs from the same block.